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Handmade Watch Part Collages
George_workingEnjoy the unique beauty of these hand-crafted collages made from authentic watch and clock parts.

Each collage is hand-made by George Rotenstein in Sydney, Australia. George worked as a professional watchmaker, serving his apprenticeship at J.Farren Price, The Watch Specialist and worked in the watch repair department of the Longines Watch factory in St Imier, Switzerland. Over his extensive career, George diligently collected tens of thousands of authentic Swiss watch parts, which he now uses to create exclusive artworks.

“Being a watchmaker by trade,” says George, “I know the many intricate parts that are used in wristwatches and pocket watches. I love to capture the beauty of these watch parts and their inherent sense of time by depicting antique vehicles that also belong to a bygone era. Just as car enthusiasts spend inordinate amounts of time on their cars, I also spend a lot of time conceiving and creating these collages.”

Parts used in the collages include watch dials, clock hands, balance wheels, winding crowns, springs and watch bands.

The parts are affixed to a quality acid free art board by extra strong glue, making the collages safe to transport by post.

George only makes a limited number of collages each year and each is unique and made with meticulous care. His made-to-order collages are also popular with motoring enthusiasts (enquiries welcome).

Collages are be shipped by insured mail from Sydney, Australia. Overseas shipping is available for an additional charge (ask for postage costs before purchasing).

Enquires: collages@balgara.com

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1906
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Custom Collages

Would you like a custom collage of your own dream car or other object? Contact us at collages@balgara.com and we’ll discuss what is possible.